So sorry for the late post guys but I’ve been so busy with my research internship and then preparing for a trip to Texas. Also, I left my computer somewhere over the weekend. How was everyone’s week? I started work at the lab and it’s been so much fun watching my cells grow and seeing our experiments making progress, but I realized that working in a lab requires a load of patience. Some days I don’t have to do any work till 3pm and so I just browse through my Instagram and watch YouTube Videos. Which brings me to trending news from last week. Two celebrities committed suicide; Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. And there has been a lot of talk concerning mental health as a result. I don’t usually talk about things like these, but I just felt the need to put this out there, whatever you’re going through is not worth dying for. There’s so much more to live for. It might seem like people don’t understand whatever it is you’re going through so reaching out will be futile but please and please reach out. Different organizations and countries have a suicide line that you can reach out to if you even feel the slightest bit suicidal, or if you are concerned about somebody. I was going to write about some of our summer bodies that are still loading, working out, loving yourself and all that taking care of your body story but maybe some other time. Let’s talk suicide instead.

I hope someone still sticks around to finish reading this post, and I pray it changes a life.

So, we know suicide to be deliberately taking one’s life and we know that there has been a recent increase in occurrence over time. The most common causes include mental disorders, substance use, gambling, medical conditions, previous attempts, psychosocial states, influence from the media, and some even argue a rationale behind it. But today let’s look at the mental disorders and psychosocial states such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or personality disorders. While I believe that it is important to see a counselor or a therapist about these things and they aren’t things to mess with, I also believe there is a spiritual linking. Oh! Yes, I’m bringing God into it. It’s lecture time. The body is made of three parts; your spirit, soul, and body. Your spirit is what is in contact with and has a relationship with God, your body is your flesh, that is your appearance, while your soul consists of your mind, will, and emotions. This is the part that is affected by mental health and feels troubled by relationships, bullying, or stressors that may trigger suicide. But suicide doesn’t come from God, so it can only be from the other guy; the devil. And the devil can only reach your soul if you do not take care of it. The Bible tells us in different places to guard our hearts with all diligence because out of it flow the issues of life, and that we should not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of our mind, then we will be able to discern the good, perfect will of God. Why? Because, God knew we would go through stuff in life that’ll make us want to kill ourselves, so He created peace. Not the peace you feel when you had to babysit 5 kids but they’re finally asleep, but one that is incomprehensible. Discovering the good, perfect will of God is a guide to having peace in life. And where you have that peace that has surpassed all understanding, there is no room for the devil to play with your soul, there is no room for suicidal thoughts, and suddenly it feels like all the weight has been lifted off you. All this talk about God and the Bible, might be a stretch because I am aware that not everyone believes in God or believes in the Christian faith. But, I am saying this without a shadow of doubt that this peace that Christ gives is real! I know what it feels like to walk like I’m floating, not to be moved by whatever is going on around me, and to be confident in God’s love that receives me even when I fail.

If you’re thinking so Tooni is condemning those who commit suicide or covering reality with the Bible, I’m not. There were a couple of people who committed suicide in the Bible, like King Saul, Judas, Abimelech, Samson etc. Saul decided to kill himself rather than become enslaved by his captors, somewhat like Killmonger from Black Panther, “Bury me in the ocean, with my ancestors that jumped from the ships, because they knew death was better than bondage.” Judas killed himself because he felt guilty of betraying his friend, Abimelech killed himself because of pride; talk about pride goes before a fall, and Samson wanted revenge so bad he didn’t mind dying alongside his enemies. Although these may seem like stories, they are relatable experiences to someone out there. One truth about these suicides and those happening today is, they didn’t have to end the way they did. God constantly reminds us in His word that He will turn our struggles around for something good, He will use them to make us strong and even be a blessing to those around us. Weeping may tarry all night long, but joy comes in the morning. Here are a few reminders of hope;

  1. Christ came that we have life and have it abundantly. (John 10:10)

Knowing who the real enemy is and what his mission is, helps you plan your battle strategy.

  1. Faith, not fear should be your driving force. (Isaiah 41:10)

Here is where reaching out, comes in. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you think needs help, and don’t be afraid to reach out if you need help. There are plenty people who have gone through whatever you’re going through, find someone to share your burden with. God never leaves us alone.

  1. You’re not alone. (Ps 34:18-19)

It’s hard to remember this sometimes but His eyes are on you and His hand is holding you. We don’t feel this way all the time, even I don’t. But actually knowing, believing and understanding something, cancels out how you’re feeling. Facts cancel feelings.

  1. God loves you. (Ps 55:22)

Never forget, this is the greatest love of all (no, not Whitney Houston’s). He loves you so much He gave His only Son for you, He loves you so much there’s no such thing as condemnation or accusations in His dictionary (Rom 8:1-2). Whatever you are going through, what God has in store for you is way better, even in your deepest struggle He is your #Assurance. And do you know one thing that amazes me with God? He is so confident about His word, He says His promises are yes and amen, and that if He speaks a thing it is established, it HAS to do what He has sent it to do. So, pray it back to Him and await the expression of His love in your life.

My heart goes out to those dealing with anything like this and their families, but you don’t have to go through this alone. There many people out there who can help and there is definitely peace. If you don’t know who to call, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255) at any time day or night 24/7. Or better still call Jesus, he’s only one prayer away. If by any chance there is anyone reading this who doesn’t have a relationship with God and wants to start their journey, the step is believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth. Feel free to say this prayer in all sincerity, “Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. And now I’m called blameless and will live forever. I accept relentless love in my heart and life. I will choose you every day with the help of the Holy Spirit in me. Thank you for setting me free and making me whole. Thank you for making me an heir and a son. In your name forever, amen.”  Yayyyy! Welcome to the family. Feel free to drop comments, send me an email or a dm.


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That’s all for today kids, talk to you next week, same time, same blog site. I love you all and God loves you more. Stay alive.



4 thoughts on “Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain?

  1. I don’t even know how to appreciate this enough!! You put all in one post the things I could only learn IN BITS back when I was suicidal. A lot of people will definitely be blessed by this!!! More blessings and wisdom to you darling!!❤❤❤

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  2. I genuinely appreciate your effort… It takes strength, knowledge and good intentions for you to have come out to talk on this topic…your kind is rare , thank you for taking time out to make this a life changing post . Thank you for allowing God use you. Thank you

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  3. Wow i can’t believe I’m just reading this. 😧. Thank you so much for touching a topic that concerns everyone even if we tend to ignore it and doing it complete justice . More grace to keep doing the amazing🙏.


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